» Cal Ripken Jr. Net worth

Born as Calvin Edwin “Cal” Ripken is stated to have an estimated net worth of $75 million. Cal gathered this huge amount of net worth from his 21year long career as baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles.

The renowned baseball player, Cal Ripken is one of the counted players of Orioles and has set many honorable records as third basemen in the history of baseball. He used to travel around US with his father Cal, Sr., as his father was then player and a coach for Orioles. It was his father’s footstep that he followed and made up to the team. In 1981, Cal played the major leagues and got enrolled with Baltimore Orioles. The same year he was announced as American League Rookie of the year. For Baltimore Orioles, Cal has given his entire playing practice of 21 years where he played third base, shortstop and won many titles, honors, all along the way for his burgeoning triumph on this field. He has frequently embarked records in the baseball history but in 1995, he set a new record in the baseball history for playing the most following games of 2,632. Ripken has proudly held the title of American League’s Most Valuable Player for two times, in 1983 and 1991 respectively. He was one of the strong hitters who have often hit the ball over 20 home runs per seasons. Cal got retired in 2001, after playing the 21st Orioles. Following his retirement, in 2007 he accomplished his prominence honor when he was chosen as the Baseball Hall of Fame. Since his retirement, he was actively involved in his business deeds and charity works. Throughout his career, Cal has made several notable donation supporting homeless children, Lou Gehrig’s disease research. As an author, Cal has been proved to be one of the bestselling authors of his time. His terrific autobiography entitled The Only Way I Know has undoubtedly earned him a huge amount of net worth as the book was an international hit. His other writing ventures ; The Longest season, Get in The Game and Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way has also been mass hit earning lot of appreciation for him. Also known for his sport newspaper column of Baltimore Sun, he is also one of the highly successful industrialists.

Cal was born on August 24, 1960 in Maryland to Cal Ripken Sr. and Violet “Vi” Ripken. As his father was baseball coach by profession, he spends his childhood around baseball and started to play in his young age. He received regular guidance from his father and his father’s fellow friend too. Cal Ripken is widely recognized as the “Iron Man” among his baseball fans. He played baseball during his schooling and was the most talented and strongest player among others. Ripken was married to former Kelly Geer in 1987. The couple married at the beautiful Towson United Methodist Church and had two children, Ryan and Rachel. His son, Ryan also is a baseball player who later preferred his educational qualifications at the University of South Carolina despite being drafted amateur season in 2012 with Baltimore Orioles.

Highly appreciated for his magnificence in baseball and business , he is one of the reputed philanthropist of present time.