» Christopher Knight net worth

Christopher Knight is one of the veteran actors of America who earns the net worth of $15 million. Christopher Knight, much attributed for his role as Peter Brady, has gathered his net worth through his successful career at American sitcoms and films as well as his business.

Christopher Knight is best known for his portrayal of character named Peter Brady in the sitcom The Brady Bunch. Upon the completion of the series, Knight was regularly seen in guest roles in various TV programs. He was also credited for the creation of Brady Bunch game. In the year of 1988, he was again seen with his Bunch cast mates in the TV film A Very Brady Christmas. The same year he was seen resuming his computer career. He took hiatus from the acting career and was appointed as sales manager in Martec, Inc. His work in the company earned him the honor of Employee of the Year and a year later, he was promoted as Vice President of Design System marketing in New Image Industry. Also known as a co-founder of Visual Software, his 1995 finding of Kidwise Learningware was much appreciated. Christopher also was seen as vice president for IXmicro in 1997 and in 1998, his own company Eskape Labs was established. Besides his computer career, Knight paid his characterized visit in The Weakest Link. Upon earning $49000 from the show, his appearances were more regular in TV series. He was quite acclaimed for his role in The Surreal Life. Featured in the fourth installment of the series, it was in the same show where he had met his future wife Adrianne Curry. Also seen in various other shows and music videos, Knight is also known for his hosting skills and had hosted Make Me Rich and Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.

Christopher Anton Knight was born in 7 November 1957 in New York City, New York, US. Born as the son of veteran actor Edward Knight, Christopher had been interested in music since his childhood. Brought up with his two siblings in the suburb of New York, Knight was reported to be married to Julie Schulman in 1989. However his marriage with her couldn’t last longer than 1992 and hence they got divorced from each other. Upon separation from Julie, he was said to be in nuptial relationship with Toni Erickson. The couple sustained their relationship from 1995 to 2000. After wrecking his marriage with Toni, Christopher was allegedly dating Adrianne Curry, a girl nearly 25 years lesser in age than him. The duo met in the sets of The Surreal Life and had started their romantic relationship since then. Curry is much credited as the winner of first competition of America’s Next Top Model. The couple got engaged to each other in 2005 and a year later was reported to be married to each other. The ceremony was held in Curry’s homeland Joliet, Illinois in Gothic tradition. The couple was also featured in Dr. Phil show where their possible split reason was speculated. The duo however divorced each other in 2012.

Much known for his acting skills and computer skills as well, Christopher Knight is regarded as a multi faceted personality of the industry.