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How much is Eazy E Worth: $8 Million

Eazy E

Eazy E was a legendary rapper of America who had the net worth of $8 million on the time of his death. Eazy E had earned his net worth through his successful rapping career with his group called N.W.A.

Upon establishing Ruthless Records with Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, Eazy started his musical career in the year 1987 releasing his debut compiled album N.W.A. and the Posse. The album acquired gold certification in US. His album Eazy-Duz-It launched in 1988 was incredibly successful and had earned many names and titles like Golden age hip hop, Gangsta rap and West Coast hip hop. The album sold more than 2.5 million record copies and was in remarkable position in Billboard chart. During the early 90s, the group as well as the record was at palatial height but it was little declined when feud aroused between Eazy and Dr. Dre. Because of the feud the group split up but Eazy was in no agreement to release Dre from the Ruthless contract. The feud hyped up stronger resulting in various threats and rumors on Eazy. He was even rumored to have kidnapped Jerry. Eazy’s refusal for the agreement led another threat where his mother’s security came in hand and finally Eazy gave in Dre’s release. The duo exchanged their rivalry through their compositions later on.

Eazy E was born as Eric Lynn Wright in 7 September 1963 in Compton, California, US. Born as the son of Kathie and Richard Wright, Eazy was raised in the notorious surrounding of Compton where crime and gang activity was regular. Born to postal employee father and school administrator mother, Eazy wasn’t much interested in studies from younger age and had left school in 10th grade; however he had earned his GED later on. Eazy was initially involved in drugs dealing and was hugely known as a dope man in neighborhood. Upon earning nearly $250,000 from drug deals, Eazy changed his route from the narcotics to hip hop genre of music, which he thought was a better way of making a livelihood. It was during this time he had developed the rapping interest and used to record at his family garage. His passion for the genre owned him the idea of launching a company named Ruthless Records in collaboration with Jerry Heller. Though the partnership was of 50-50 initially, Heller made sure the ratio was 80-20 between Eazy and him. Eazy had invested most of his earnings in the record company. Reported to be in relationship with numerous women, Eazy was the father of seven kids born from six different women. An active participant of sexual activity since the age of 12, Eazy was diagnosed with AIDS complications, due to which he died in 26 March 1995 in Los Angeles, California. His death was stated to be very sudden as he didn’t show any symptoms of disease and was in sound health before the demise.

Also involved in different legal issues, Eazy E was, however, regarded as the godfather of Gangsta rap. His rapping style and terrific lyrical content had earned him a huge reputable position in a very short period of time.

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