» Felix Trinidad Net Worth

Felix Trinidad, professional boxer has the net worth of $30 million. Felix gained all his net worth being the influential boxer. He holds the middleweight, light middleweight and welterweight division title.

He has commenced his boxing vocation as a teenager. With his great power and energy, he won five National Amateur Championships. Following this triumph, he was introduced as a professional when he was only 17. He was internationally acclaimed after winning the World Championship title for the first time. It was the most prominence success defeating Maurice Blocker for the International Federation’s welterweight belt. Only at his 20, he won the title and defended it for almost 15 times. To date in his career, he has fought and won over Oscar De La Hoya earning the Lineal and World Boxing Council welterweight championship title. He also won the International Boxing Association’s middleweight battle defending Fernando Vargas. He also won over William Joppy in the World Boxing Association’s middleweight battle. During his fight against Bernard Hopkins, he faced the unsatisfying lose and was retired for the first time. However, his comeback fight was fixed against Ricardo Mayorga and during his second fight with Winky Wright he retired for a second time. In 2008, he fight to Roy Jone and tasted trounce, which was called victory by decision. After that Fleix took a long break of five years from his career. In 2014, he will be officially introduced to the Class of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He really is eligible to receive such a great honor as the 10th Puetro Rican. In his career, he won 42 fights out of 45 which consequently make him one of the legendry and the inspiring fighter to get up every time and fight along with competitors.

Felix Trinidad was born in Fajardo on January 10, 1973 as the son of Irma Garcia and Felix Trinidad Senior. He is of Dominican and Puerto Rican Descent. He was raised up in Cupey Alto by his parents. Felix married his darling, Sharon Santiago after the four year of passionate relationship and also fathered four daughters with her. The couple had their first eye contact in Cupey, after which Felix was really flattered by her prettiness. Felix attempted several times to impress her and subsequently was able to pursue a relationship with his future wife. However, it was difficult for Felix to impress Sharon parents because of the negative image for athlete at the time. But he succeeds to win her parents trust. As of now, the couple resides happily with their family. It was also mentioned that Fleix bears fifth daughter from another relationship.

The winner of several awards and title including World Welterweight Championship, National Amateur Championship for five times and also World Championship, Felix is the most inspiring retired boxer of all time with the alluring professional career altogether. He is regarded as the one of the greatest boxer in the Puerto Rico’s history.