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How much is Frank Lucas net worth: $ 1.5 million.
Former drugs dealer Frank Lucas is an American citizen who has net worth of $ 1.5 million. His engagement in drugs smuggling made him millionaire.

Fran, who inspired from the murder witness of his cousin’s death, moved into crime records. Frank faced many obstacles during his childhood stage. His completion to meet daily family turned him to junior drugs dealer. Later, Johnson’s death pushed him to worldwide drugs dealing. It is believed that Frank remained driver of Johnson for about fifteen years. Though, Johnson lived 5 years after he was set free from jail. Soon, after the death of Johnson, he self-actualized that, if he want to get success, he had to break the monopoly market formed by Mafia gang within New York. Then, eventually, he moved to Bangkok and met US Star Bar, black soldiers. The black soldiers, Leslie Atkinson was from Goldsboro, North Carolina and coincidently he was married to one of his cousin. After, he started importing heroin, which was 98-100% pure, he earned about $ 52 million. Further, he earned profit more than $ 300 thousand per kg. His mean means for drugs transportation used to be coffins of American military. His profession leaded him to invest $ 125 thousand in breeding bull within his bought thousands of acre ranch. In 1975, he was sentenced for 70 years jail imprisonment by Drug Enforcement Administration. The nation servants collected about $ 584.683 thousand hard cash. Later, the evidence provided by him convicted other 100 dugs dealers. Such, cooperation with cops reduced his crime. In 1984, he was again caught by cops, while he was about to exchange a portion of heroin for 13 thousand dollar. For this he was jailed for 7 years. Besides, it 2007, American Gangster film was released based on his life. This films show how he became specialized in drug dealing and other parts that relate to his real life.

Frank Lucas was born on 9 September, 1930 in La Grange, North Carolina. He was born to father Fred Lucas & Mahalee. He was raised in great depression, which was faced by most North Carolina black people. When, Frank was 6 years old, his 13 year old cousin was murdered. His cousin was murdered because his cousin was believed to look a white skin lady in a playful way. He watched this murder live, which pushed him in the way of numerous crimes. After, he made his entry in crime zone, he met Johnson. Later, when Johnson died, Johnson whole drugs dealing business turned upon Frank. Then, he moved to Thailand, to breach the monopoly market created by Mafia. Import of quality heroin, gave him huge wealth collection. Every, thing was going well until, he was caught and jailed for 70 years. Later, when he gave proof that helped police to 100 more drugs dealers, Frank crime was reduced. He was again sentenced to jail, when he was caught trading heroin. Frank married to Julianna Farrait. Julianna was also sentenced to jail for Frank support. The couple stayed separately after set free from jail but they together in 2006. Recently, both live together with their 7 children.

Frank Lucas born in poverty family improved his life standard being a drugs dealer. The spark of his cousins motivated to move Fran feet into crime world.