» Joe Pesci net worth

Joe Pesci is said to have the net worth of $50 million. Joe Pesci has earned most of his wealth through his career as a musician, comedian and actor.

Pesci started his career as a barber in early 60s. He commenced his musical career with various bands as their guitarist. By 1968, he was seen releasing his album Little Joe Sure Can Sing! In late 60s he was noticed performing with Frank Vincent in a local club. By 1975, he was a popular comic celebrity among mass who had performed in the Broadway show The New Vaudevillians. A year later he was casted in a film The Death Collector costarring Frank Vincent. Also successful as a restaurateur, he used to own a bistro named Amici’s in Bronx. Three year later, Pesci made his comeback in the industry through the movie Raging Bull. His performance in the film earned him with BAFTA Film Award for Newcomer to Leading Films Roles and was also Academy nominated in supporting role for same movie. In early 80s, Pesci was casted in smaller roles like Easy Money, Eureka and Dear MR. Wonderful. He was seen in the 1984 release Once Upon a Time in America. Also credited for the comedy series Half Nelson, he had also share a screen space with pop star Michael Jackson in 1988 in Moonwalker. Featured in the film Smooth Criminal, he was highly appreciated for his role in Lethal Weapon and its franchise. Honored with Academy award under the category of best supporting artist for his role in the motion picture Goodfellas of 1990, he was also the part of critically acclaimed and international hit Home Alone and its sequel. He was the antagonist in the film with the male protagonist characterized by Macaulay Culkin. Also seen in JFK and My Cousin Vinny he was also a host in SNL. Very much admired for his role in Casino released in 1995, he had launched his 2nd album in 1998. Associated with Jersey Boys, he was starred in 2006 release The Good Shepherd and was also noted in Love Ranch of 2010.

Joseph Frank “Joe” Pesci was born in New Jersey in 9 February 1943. He was born to bartender father Angelo Pesci and barber mother Mary Pesce. Raised in medium class family, Joe was quite inclined towards acting since his childhood. Pesci is reported to have been married thrice till now. He was first married in 1964 but was eventually divorced. He had been a groom twice before his marriage to Claudia Haro in 1988. Their relation couldn’t get longer than 1992 and the couple ended up in divorce. Claudia was convicted guilty with the charge of attempt to murder, twice, implied on her ex-husband Garrett Warren and was sentenced 12 years of prison. Father of a child, Pesci was reported to be engaged with Angie Everhart in 2007. The duo however had broken up and called off their engagement in 2008.

Lastly seen in the commercial of Snickers, this 71 year old actor is one of the hilarious comedians of his generation.