» Mack 10 net worth | How much is Mack 10 net worth: $6 million

How much is Mack 10 net worth: $6 million
Mack 10 is a well known actor and rapper who have the net worth of $6 million. Mack 10 has earned his net worth through his successful rapping career that has spanned over 2 decades.

Mack was first seen in 1994 compiled album of Ice Cube. Seen in Bootlegs & B-Sides remixed song What Can I Do?, Mack came into public attention after this exposure. He was in cordial relation with WC and Ice Cube from beginning as the trio was the member of the rap and hip hop group Westside Connection. Upon working with the group for quite a long time, Mack founded Hoo-Bangin’ Records in 1996. The record has been much successful since its establishment. Previously in contract with Capitol Records and Priority Records, Hoo- Bangin’ is currently signed with Fontana Distribution. The label has been much popular for its inclusion of platinum certified artists like Xzibit, Mitchy Slick, Snoop Dogg, Glasses Malone and Richie Rich. Mack has been in public speculation since his 1995 released Mack 10. The album was a hit and was followed by Based on a True Story of 1997. Mack launched his album The Recipe in 1998. The recipe garnered an international appreciation and was considered smash hit. Mack took two years hiatus before launching The Paper Route in 2000 which was followed by Bang and Ball in 2001. Since Bang, Mack was a regular music provider releasing album every year till 2003 as he had launched Mack 10 Presents da Hood in 2002 and Ghetto, Gutter & Gangster in 2003. His album Hustla’s Handbook was much appreciated in 2005. The album earned enormous revenue. It was in 2009, when Mack’s new album hit the store. His composition Soft White was considered smash hit and was globally admired. Also known for his collaborated album, Money Music of 2011 is still stated to be the most successful collaboration so far. His musical tour Up in Smoke Tour was also a successful one.

Mack 10 was born as Dedrick D’Mon Rolison in 9 August, 1971 in Inglewood, California, US. Interested in rap music since his childhood, Mack initiated his rapping career from the age of 23. Mack was reported to be married with Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, in early 2000s but the couple had separated in midst of 2004; their divorce legalized in 2009. T-Boz had filed for the separation citing infidelity and abusive nature of her husband. The couple however shares a daughter called Chase Anela Rolison together who was born in 2000. T-Boz is a renowned singer, dancer, author and producer; who is best known for her acquaintance with hip hop group TLC.

In addition to his musical career, Mack 10 is also attributed for his acting skills which he had showcased in the films like I’m Bout It, Thicker than Water, Def Jam: Fight for NY and Holiday Jam Session.