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How much is Queen Elizabeth worth?
The reigning Queen of 16 Commonwealth Nations, Queen Elizabeth has amassed a personal net worth of £ 60 billion which makes her the richest monarch on the planet. Owing to the complex nature of the properties owned by the members of royal families of the world, their exact net worth is difficult to evaluate. The Queen is the Head of the Commonwealth and is the monarch of nations such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Barbados and Jamaica. She has been the Queen since her coronation in 1953. She is the oldest ruling monarch in the world and is also the longest living British monarch.

During her grandfather’s rule, Queen Elizabeth was the third person in the line of succession in the United Kingdom. Her father, George VI, was crowned king and she became the heir presumptive. In 1951, her father’s became too unwell to attend public events and then Princess Elizabeth filled in for her father. Her father died that year and Elizabeth was crowned the Queen on June 2, 1953 in Westminster Abbey. Prior to her coronation, when the Second World War was raging, she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. As the Queen, she travelled to several countries around the world such as Australia, America, Nepal, Turkey, Germany and Iran. She announced her son, Prince of Wales, as her successor in 1969. In 1977, she celebrated the Silver Jubilee of her reign. Queen Elizabeth is the most influential royal figure in the world. Well into her later eighties, she has maintained a strong reputation in the world as the longest ruling monarch alive. In September 2015, the Queen will become the longest reigning head of state of Britain and also the longest reigning female monarch in the world history.

The Queen was born on April 21, 1926 in London, United Kingdom. Her father was the late King George VI. She and her sister, Princess Margaret were homeschooled. When she was a teenager, she began a relationship with Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark. They were engaged in 1947 and tied the knot in a grand ceremony the same year. They have four children together. Their eldest son, Prince Charles of Wales, is the first in line of succession after the Queen. The Queen has nine grandchildren.

The Queen is known and admired by people for her years of service to the Commonwealth nations and her contributions to uphold the reputation of the crown and the royal British family.