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How much is Randy Quaid net worth: $ -1 million.
Randy Quaid is an American actor who is in debt of 1 million. Though, he is an awesome actor he is facing financial obstacles. It might be due to his expenditure in squat property, luxury expense and court penalty.

Randy first film is The Last Picture Show. He appeared in the minor role which built up his experience and confidence for future. Randy was forwarded to acting by Peter Bogdanovich because he knew Randy, while Randy was in university. His first biggest role was in the film The Last Detail. This film was abstracted from a novel with similar title. This movie earned four times of its budget and was successful to knock the door of box office. Randy gained momentum with this movie for his successful future career. Moreover, he was also nominated for three awards BAFTA, Academy Awards and golden Globe. Such hit movie offered his two new films Martians Go Home and Independence Day based on science fiction. He was achieving one after other success in his professional career. Other hit movies played by him were Not Another Teen, Kingpin, Dead Solid Perfect and Days of Thunder. Days of Thunder was released in 1990 and was directed by Tony Scott. Randy featured the role of rich car dealers who was also an owner of race team. This movie remained hit earning $ 40 million more than its budget of $ 60 million. This movie was well followed by public and did not receive huge criticism too. Besides, film he was good in series which he proved through Elvis series. He received two Emmy and Golden Globe award for it. He appeared as Tom Parker, a talent manager. His other series are Saturday Night Live for which he grabbed Golden Globe Award, Davis Rules, The brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire. Among the series played by him his numerous recurring role series was Saturday Night Live.

Randy Randall Rudy Quaid is better known for his stage name Randy Quaid. He was born on October 1, 1950 in Houston, Texas, USA. He is born to father William Quaid, an electrician and mother Juanita Bonniedale, agent of real estate. He was raised by his parents and was admitted to Pershing Middle School. His first move interrupted his education and he decided to study in acting school. He received his university education from Houston University of Theatre and Dance school. After he debuted to film line he was blessed with hit movies. Though, he started with minor role after receiving leading role he created his notability. When he got popularity he gave one after other hit movies and TV series. Things were going as he wanted until he suffered for debt. He was in trouble after he was alleged for illegal Occupancy and failure to pay hotel bill. His major suffering was to Brokeback mountain lawsuit. Talking about his marital life he was married to Ella Marie in 1980. Ella gave birth to daughter Amanda in 1983. They got separated after three years of their daughter was born.

Randy Quaid is renowned personality but is passing through debt. It might be due to his carelessness of his failure to control himself.