» Rick Dale Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Rick Dale is $2.5 million. He has gathered most of his wealth through his reality shows and restoration business.

Rick Dale had begun his career from the young age of nine. He was quite passionate about the art of transformation of rustiest items into new higher price quoted products. He started restoring things in early age and for the first of his experiments revitalized a bicycle that was gifted to him by his father. He also has the experience of restoring gas pumps of 1940s, 1950s totally rusted out soda machine and also has worked on the compound mechanical design of a jukebox. He, at present, owns the antique restoring shop called Rick’s Restoration which he manages with his son and other staffs. The crew of the shop is highly specialized in restoring various vintage products into their novel condition. His shop is also featured in the reality TV series American Restoration that airs in History Channel. The show is known as King of Restoration outside US and Canada. Already in its fifth season, the show shows the system of operation of company that is owned by Rick Dale based in Las Vegas. The program specially focuses on the life style of the veteran metal artist Dale and his family along with his staffs. The show also features Dale family members and their capability. Rick is shown as an antique revitalizing expert. His son Tyler Dale is his most faithful employee who sometimes worries him due to his lazy habits. Rick’s brother, Ron is shown as a picker and is stated to be the toughest employee to be managed. He is one of the coolest employees that takes much possible time to work and is generally absent in between his structured schedule and job. Kowboy is one of the adored characters of the show who polishes the metals in the shop, though Rick is always bad mouthed to him. Brettly Otterman is Tyler’s half brother and step son of Rick. He is casted as a bumbling laughter riot who is obliged to sandblast rusts and paints the items and occasionally disposes beehives. Ted is a proprietor of Letter Perfect Incorporated, a signage and design company based in Las Vegas. Ted is known as the expertise in hand painting items. Kyle Astorga is one of the chief employees of Rick. He is one of the most skillful and loyal worker in the company who shares a warm relation with Kowboy and is in charge for resemblances of disassembled things and provides the fine finish for the products. Kelly Dale is seen handling commerce side of the company maintaining budgets, customer relations and payroll. She is also featured on the logo of Rick Restorations.

Rick was born in 1970 in Las Vegas and was raised along with his brother Ron in the neighborhood by his parents. He is married to Kelly Dale at present and has a step son Brettly from her earlier marriage. However, Rick also had married before and has a teen aged son named Tyler from the previous nuptials.

Rick Dale is one of the renowned personalities of America and is highly famous for his unique skill of restoring projects.