» Troy Landry Net Worth

Troy Landry net worth is $650 thousand. He has earned most of his wealth through the reality series Swamp People.

Troy Landry is a Louisiana native who has been living there since his three generations. This famous American is actively involved in the American reality TV program Swamp People. He is one of the prominent alligator hunters of the show, starring as a cast from season 1. Entitled as the King of Swamp, Landry is a member of a group that hunts alligators during the season and accumulates the yearly income for living. He generally hunts with his sons Jacob Landry and Chase Landry. Though he didn’t like the idea of hunting with Liz Cavalier during season 2 of the show, he worked with him garnering mass speculation for himself. As he is featured as the main hunter of the show, his technique of killing alligators was exclusively aired on History channel on the season. The show Swamp People has been on air since 2010, receiving mixed reviews at first. Before the show, Landry used to kill alligators and sell meat to local people. He also traded fish, turtles and other fresh water and marine species for his family expense. It seems like his sons are stepping on his guide ways as a hunter. He was quite skeptical about being on air and showing world the way of his killing of gators. But eventually he became used to his crew and cameras which captured him without any difficulties. He even had stated in one of his interviews that he agreed for shoot of renewed season only if he was provided with the same camera-man of previous season. Shot to the sudden fame due to the reality show, he stated to be really lucky to get onto a program like that which made him renowned worldwide. He also had once expressed to feel excited and more motivated as the show had let them be stars in their own world. He has undoubtedly paid huge amount of money to be on the show. Besides hunting alligators, he also trades crawfish during off season. Lover of grilled alligators, he believes his striped polo shirt to be very lucky. When not in Swamp, he is found in his father’s bait shop near Duffy’s Shell station.

Father of two sons, Troy Landry lives in Pierre Parte, Louisiana with his parents, spouse and kids. He was brought up in Atchafalaya Basin. He grew up hunting alligators and baiting fish with his father. His arrival on the show beating 5000 other hunters marked his excellence in hunting and hence was a turning point of his life.

Much in fame and best known for his line “Choot’Em” (meant Shoot Him which accidently is pronounced in that way because of his accent), Troy Landry is one of the hot shot the Swamp People. It can be undeniably stated that he has played a vital role in upgrading the ratings of shows.